About Mippo

Hello, my name is Mippo, and as you may well have noticed, I'm a hippo.

I'm quite a young hippo, I am rather petite, and I live with my owner, The Hoopiest Frood. She also uses a picture of me as an avatar on the internet, in case you are slightly confused, but I am Mippo,
Me in my holiday house/mug.
the actual hippo in the photo, and she is thehoopiestfrood avoiding using photos of herself. Which is quite understandable really, as I am so much more attractive. I hope that helps solve any confusion.

My owner is quite nice really, I have to say that actually as she rescued me from the grasping grubby fingers of small children risking great social stigma and embarrassment. I can't say any more about that, really. I live in a large mug at the moment and spend my time reading, writing, watching comedy and listening to music. There really aren't enough celebrity hippos, I've noticed this and it makes me slightly sad.

I do go out for trips, on holiday and to gigs which I really enjoy and like meeting new people. I also go on the odd mad adventure which my owner doesn't know about and I'd like to keep it that way, so I'm trusting you to keep this a secret. I also have a very nice holiday home/mug, which while not as roomy as my normal mug, makes for a nice change of scenery.

I'm a pretty friendly hippo, but my passions run high and I can occasionally be quite vicious and scathing, but that's what you've got to expect from a hippo, really. As you probably well know, hippos in Africa kill more people every year than by all the other wild animals combined. So whilst I am now living in Britain, you would be wise to stay on my good side...

I'm looking to meet some more hippo friends, so if you are a hippo, or you know a hippo, especially one who looks like me, I would love to chat to you, so please e-mail me. And this is just a corner of the internet featuring my life as a miniature hippo trying to get out and about in the world and make an impact.

My own little corner of the 'net.

Why hello there, how are you?

Mippo says 'hi' by the way.

I hope you are enjoying yourself.

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