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Well, if you've had enough here, there's plenty else out there in the World Wide Webiverse to keep you fully occupied. This site is full of links all over the place - on a lot of the other pages there are links relevent to the page subject. Obviously I cannot take any responsibility for the content of any external sites linked to (disclaimer alert!), but they are some of the sites I like to peruse whilst trying to waste some time. This is the page where I will put links to places that are so good I may have even linked to some of them twice. Again, all disclaimers apply, these products may contain nuts and investments may go up as well as down. So here we go.



On the net.

I'm slowly adding more links as I think of them so check back soon!

Link Exchange

If you would like me to link to you, then contact me in the usual ways and I'll see what I can do. If I know you, I will no doubt be more than happy to link to you, if not and you have a nice site I probably will link to it too.

If you are a nice person who would like to link to me then please, feel free to. I have a couple of banners below, if that would help, and I could make more in different sizes if you'd like. Or you could make your own, I don't really mind. If you could host the pictures yourself that would be excellent, and if you need help with the linking, just ask.

Thank you very much.

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I hope you are enjoying yourself.

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