Caged Liberty

"Six sly licks of fairycake mix."

So this is my little page for Ms Caged Liberty, or as the normal people call her, Laura. I have known Laura for a good few years now, and she is just a lovely, lovely person. Some of my best days have been spent gallivanting around one city or another with Laura and Jo, frightening the natives and generally doing strange things.

We also have to thank Laura a lot for the fact that we survived our holiday to France, as her French was definitely of a much higher standard than the rest of ours. We had the most excellent time in Paris and we must go again some day and relive it and our wandering round the Latin Quarter as long as we have Colin to fight off the scary Frenchmen!

Laura is one of the most beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, but she's not just a pretty face, she's fiercely intelligent and extremely literate and one of the most interesting people you can ever get into a discussion with. She is a lovely person to have as a friend. And despite the fact that she never seems to stop trying to set me up with people, she's definitely someone I trust implicitly.

Mippo says: "She's quite pretty for a human, and one of the more tolerable of her species. If I met her in a darkened alley at night I probably wouldn't eat her." High praises from Mippo there, indeed!

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