Lord of all Hippos.

Mippo is the greatest friend a girl could ask for. While he pretends to be caustic and bitter (and a lot of the time he is actually) he has never been anything other than kind and loving to me.

He has the best taste in comedy, music, books, tv - everything, and it's always nice to have someone to do these things with. Doing something with such an old friend always heightens the experience so much - especially if it's something you do often - you laugh at the same points, you know what's coming and make stupid comments which would annoy everyone else apart from you two.

I love the fact Mippo says exactly what he is thinking all the time, and has a lovely sense of humour which involves some cutting wit. It's lovely to know that there is someone out there who will always be there for me and would go anywhere in the world with me if possible. Mippo, you are just lovely, and I am lucky to be able to consider you my friend.

Mippo says: "Wow, who is this great big hunk of a hippo?!?! Never have I seen such a stunning example of burning intelligence and wondrous good looks in one package before!!"

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