Yarr! I'm a real pirate, I am!

#Josephine was seventeen, working on a desk...# hang on wait, wrong story... This bit is about the wonderful Jo, who actually isn't called Josephine at all, but I feel compelled to ruin song lyrics and spout them at her anyway, that's how cool she is.

The lovely Jo is one of my main pirating buddies, so apart from just hanging out together and going to gigs, we also spend out time sailing the high seas in search of booty, pirating, pillaging and generally shouting piratey phrases and scaring landlubbers.

Jo is just one of the best people to be with ever. We never stop laughing and doing what seems in retrospect, really strange things. She has the best sense of humour and is sharp of wit and tongue, so all of you out there who may cross her piratey path, beware! There is nothing better than sitting down with Jo for some tea, toast and general talking, as this is when she comes up with her best ideas. She is seriously one of the coolest people you will ever meet and so says everyone who has met her. Jo and her love of indie boy hookers have actually on a number of occasions made me laugh so much I couldn't breathe. I can't really say much more than that, can I?

Mippo says: "I suppose she's not that bad really, when she's not telling the world nasty tales about me. Her sense of humour is quite similar to mine I suppose, and she has reasonably good taste. Don't think this means I love her though or anything, she's just 'not that bad'."

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